Frequently asked questions

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Sales Infomation:

Price: Our NG Dwarf goats’ range in prices depending on age, sex, color and registration. Our goats start at $150 and range in price depending. For more information, please contact us directly.

Age: We typically will allow our babies to wean off of their mama's naturally until able to go to new home. We do sell bottle babies, but new owners must be aware of how to feed prior to taking home their new baby.

Vaccinations: We provide CDT and worming prior to going to new home.

Banding: If you are looking for pet whethers, we will band for you prior to them leaving the farm.

Individual Sales: This depends on your farm size and animals you currently have. We will not sell one goat to a new farm owner, due to goats being herd animals. They require a buddy.

Wait-list: Due to the number of goats we have yearly, we try to start a wait-list based off of your requirements for coloring and more. If you have a particular eye color preference, blue eye wait-list will be longer. Our does are all blue eyed, but still throw out occasional brown. I cannot guarantee colors per birth, but will try my hardest to match you with your perfect fit.

Deposit: Kids and adults require a $100 nonrefundable deposit. This will hold your choice until payment in full and pickup of your pet. This is to ensure we do not lose money on selling at a particular age.

All goats are VERY well socialized when coming to your farm. We do not sell to meat farms!!!! Pet, dairy or breeding farms only!!!! We do not bud our kids, all goats come with horns. Please research being a goat owner prior to purchasing. Although they are super fun pets, they do require particular needs to stay safe and healthy.

Fresh Egg Information:

As a general rule, eggs should not be washed immediately after collecting them. There is a natural bloom on the surface of the shell that keeps out air and bacteria. It’s important to leave the bloom intact in order to keep your eggs fresh. Eggs don't need to be refrigerated, but one day out on the counter at room temperature is equivalent to about a week in the refrigerator, so if you aren't planning on eating your eggs for a while, it is best to refrigerate them. They will keep about seven times longer. The decision to refrigerate or not is a personal one. In the UK, Ireland and many European countries, eggs aren't even refrigerated at the grocery store. My grandmother never refrigerated the eggs from their chickens. She also left butter out on the counter...and lived to be almost 100 years old.

Cottage Rental Information:

Currently due to COVID-19, we are currently not renting out of cottage. Please subscribe to be notified when the cottage is open for overnight stays.

Farm Visit Information:

All The farm animals are extremely friendly and used to adults and children, but as always with animals, sometimes they can be in a mood, so please follow these rules if wanting to visit animals. Due to this being a working farm, please note that we do walk by the cottage to enter the field for feedings and maintenance. We do not disturb the guests, but you may see us walking by from time to time.

  1. Always make a reservation prior to visiting the farm;
  2. Due to being a working farm, occasionally we breed our goats. Although when their due dates are close, we have baby monitors in the barn, should you notice anything that does not seem normal, please call us immediately;
  3. NEVER feed the animals anything than what is provided by us. Goats have extremely sensitive stomachs, so we like to be careful with what they eat;
  4. Pony only gets two treats per day. He also likes fresh carrots and apples, so if you would like to bring some to give to him, please limit to one of either;
  5. When feeding treats, please limit to two HANDFULS per goat. They will try and convince you that they need more than that, but we have to stay strong 😊
  6. If feeding or visiting goats with little ones, please allow the adults to hold the treats walking in and out. It is okay for little ones to feed the goats, but they will jump on whoever is walking around with the food, so best policy for the adults to carry;
  7. NEVER walk up behind the pony. He is young and learning, so sometimes can have “happy feet”. He gets nervous with kids grabbing him or running around him, so please allow him to walk up to you, and do not grab him;
  8. Please always watch little ones around the pony. We never want any of our guests to be at risk, and he is young, so make sure to always be alert when in the field;
  9. DO NOT attempt to ride the pony, he is not trained for that yet;
  10. If the animals are walking away from you, please give them space. They will let you know when they have had enough of people, so please respect that;
  11. Always feed the goats, chickens & pony with a flat palm. They can sometimes mistake fingers for treats if hands are curled;
  12. It is true that goats will eat whatever they can get into contact with. They are extremely friendly, and sometimes when giving you kisses can get a love nibble in;
  13. Watch your hair when playing with the goats, they think it is hay 😊
  14. When feeding the chickens, place frozen corn in flat palm and kneel down. They will come up to you and peck the corn out. Sometimes the pecks can be a bit aggressive, so you can also just throw the corn out to them for a snack;
  15. Never chase or taunt the chickens, goats or horse. They love people and we want to keep them friendly and not irritated for our guests;
  16. All gates MUST be closed behind you. Goats are escape artist and you will be surprised at how fast they are;
  17. If going into chicken coop, you have to close each door and gate before entering the next. Again, the goats like to get into anything possible, and the chicken coop looks very fun to them;
  18. We try and keep the dogs away from guests at all times, but sometimes they sneak around for a visit. If they are a bother, please text and we will call them to the house. They are very friendly and only attacking they do is in the form of kisses;
  19. There is a barn cat named “kitty” that also likes to visit from time to time. Always make sure that she does not sneak into the cottage behind you. She is very friendly, but due to guests’ allergies, we try and keep her separated;
  20. If you have a fear or allergy of any of the animals, please call or text us immediately so we can monitor them during your visit.
  21. Our home is a working farm for critters, only as pets. We occasionally bring in other animals for breeding purposes. We will make sure each guest is aware of the animal that will be on the property and any rules that may pertain to them.